Princess Online Refresher Courses for Travel Agents

Princess Cruises is introducing a series of Princess online Refresher Courses for home based travel agents.

Created in response to agent requests, these shorter courses are designed to provide agents who have previously completed Academy modules a way to learn about new itineraries, programs and policies.

The courses also enable agents who earned their Commodore or other program levels last year to complete their annual recertification process.

Because we've had so many new developments since our first classes last year, we realized that updated information was key to agents continuing success.

We've launched these new Refresher Courses just in time for the busy Wave season. The Refresher Courses are open to all agents. Some agents can use the courses to qualify toward the annual recertification requirement.

Information about recertification status is available to agents on their personal Academy dashboard. We're taking our cue from some of the top continuing education programs in the country by enhancing the value of an agent's Academy status with a yearly recertification process.

This way, Commodore status retains its credibility as indicating the most committed and current experts.Designed to take about 10 minutes each to complete, these eight updates provide a summary of new information and highlight key points to help agents build their business.

The new refresher courses include itinerary updates for the 2008-09 season on Europe, Alaska, Exotics and the Caribbean/Mexico/Panama Canal.

In addition, refreshers will review the latest developments on the Fleet/Onboard Product, Group Program, Policy Updates and new features of POLAR Online.

Princess Academy offers more than 30 courses in a curriculum that offers product and sales training.Agents can earn their "stripes" as they progress through four levels: First Officer, Staff Captain, Captain and Commodore. At each level, they earn benefits such as onboard perks and a graduation cruise.

Princess Academy has been approved by The Travel Institute to provide eight Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to Certified Travel Industry Executives, Certified Travel Counselors (CTCs) and Certified Travel Associates (CTAs) who complete the program.

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